Ok... can a builder actually pour a second slab incorrectly?

  You betchya!  Hey... I ordered a three car garage, not a two car garage!  
New Construction Builder: "Ashton Woods Homes @ Verrado in Buckeye"

This home was a ground-built home.  That means, it was not built as a SPEC, but right from the ground up with all options selected by the Buyer.  (THERE ARE SEVERAL AUDIO/VIDEO CLIPS TO VIEW BELOW)

This home is a 2,400 sqft, two story, three car garage, single family home.  The garage is a tandem bay three car garage. 

The builder's site superintendent was on site during the pouring of the cement foundation.  The site superintendent gave specific instructions to the work crew as to the tolerances, depth and height of the cement three car tandem garage and to the site foreman.  Even after giving these instructions, the workers incorrectly poured a two car garage slab instead of the correct tandem three car garage.  The only way to correct the error was to bring in heavy equipment to 'wet-saw' and jack hammer out the improperly poured slab.

Once again... this is a graphic example of some of the items that can go wrong when a new home is under construction and even after the construction process has been completed.

Phase Inspections are ESSENTIAL if you wish to protect your investment.

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