Why Should You Have
Your Prospective New Home Inspected?

Below are some photos of discrepant items found by home inspectors.  While this site is under construction, this glimpse of some of the issues that, if not caught during a pre-possession inspection by a State of Arizona licensed Home Inspector, could lead to disastrous consequences. 

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Scary Inspection Stories

 The Story of a Five Year Old Patio Roof

 How to ask the Builder to Build a Bomb for You

So what kind of damage can a little termite do?

 Hey... I Didn't Order a Swimming Pool
PDF filePDF file
Example One of Framing Phase Inspection Report
Example Two of Framing Phase Inspection Report

Hummm... I didn't I order a three car garage?

Huh??? I thought my patio deck
was higher than this

Say... want to know another way the builder
could blow up your new home?

 Did you know that Builders Could be responsible
for your new home for up to 8 years?


  Click to learn how
How roof tiles get chipped and broken.
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cagRoofIssue1.JPG (30230 bytes) cagRoofIssue2.JPG (32160 bytes) cagRoofIssue3.JPG (31760 bytes) gorRoofIssue1.JPG (237120 bytes)
gorRoofIssue2.JPG (243286 bytes) gorRoofIssue3.JPG (254932 bytes) gorRoofIssue4.JPG (241072 bytes) gorRoofIssue5.JPG (250602 bytes)
horRoofIssue1.JPG (13712 bytes) horRoofIssue2.JPG (16026 bytes) horRoofIssue3.JPG (12306 bytes) horRoofIssue4.JPG (13500 bytes)
horRoofIssue5.JPG (13104 bytes) hRoofAsphaltShowingAge.JPG (71113 bytes) hRoofCoverCracking1.JPG (46408 bytes) hRoofCoverCracking2.JPG (28792 bytes)
lanRoofIssue1.JPG (31144 bytes) lanRoofIssue2.JPG (29320 bytes) lanRoofIssue3.JPG (35681 bytes) lanRoofIssue4.JPG (37231 bytes)
lyCrackedRoofTile.JPG (20628 bytes) lyFailedMortarCap1.JPG (25401 bytes) lyFailedMortarCap2.JPG (21566 bytes) mcRoofIssue1.JPG (28109 bytes)
mcRoofIssue2.JPG (30292 bytes) mcRoofIssue3.JPG (26479 bytes)    
  Missing Rain Collars  
  ImproperVentTube3.JPG (36944 bytes) 
Oooppps... got the rain collar
but forgot the Spark Arrester Cap
11009WPalmNoRainCollar1.jpg (46911 bytes) cagNoRainCollar.JPG (34875 bytes) gorNoRainCollar1.JPG (232046 bytes) gorNoRainCollar2.JPG (245130 bytes)
lyNoRainCollar.JPG (25767 bytes) mcNoRainCollar.JPG (28127 bytes) Missing_Rain_Calor.jpg.JPG (29377 bytes) RainColarsWhyTheAreNeeded1.JPG (32661 bytes)
  Improper Vent Tube Installation  
gorImproperVentTubeAssembly.JPG (256292 bytes) horImproperVentTubeInstall.JPG (11770 bytes) ImproperVentTube2.JPG (16610 bytes) ImproperVentTube1.JPG (28651 bytes)
  How about a little explosion cause the
hot water GAS vent pipe terminates in the attic?!
gary-inspection-garycatcheseverything!.jpg (78983 bytes) VentPipeAssembly.jpg (33980 bytes) VentPipeInWallUpstBR.jpg (34268 bytes) gary-inspection-whereisthatdarnventpipe.jpg (62713 bytes)
VentPipeLookingDownFromRoof.jpg (39790 bytes) VentPipeLookingDownFromHole.jpg (35264 bytes) VentPipeGoingUp.jpg (23816 bytes) VentPipeTheFinalProduct.jpg (26463 bytes)
  VentPipeSecured.jpg (33615 bytes)  
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  How about some Leaks? They're always fun!  
  WaterPipeJointRepaird1.JPG (20153 bytes) WaterPipeJointRepaird2.JPG (20548 bytes)  
WaterFlowOnToProperty.JPG (14722 bytes) SignificantLeakInWall.JPG (11660 bytes) WaterLeakMoist.JPG (16700 bytes) WaterOnCilPlate.JPG (15960 bytes)
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prMasterTub.jpg (42726 bytes) prMasterTubNotSealed.jpg (39636 bytes) NewConstructionHomeWithLeakInWall2.JPG (23155 bytes) NewConstructionHomeWithLeakInWall3.JPG (27738 bytes)
prMorePlumbingLeaks.jpg (49763 bytes) NewConstructionHomeWithLeakInWall1.jpg (26584 bytes) prPlumbingLeak.jpg (61359 bytes)
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